About MEU.hackathon2017

What we're all about.

The Concept

For the last 6 years Belgrade Model EU gathered over 1500 people from over 60 countries to discuss some of the most burning issues our continent is facing. We saw a huge creative potential of bringing people from different cultural backgrounds and disciplines together. We’ve seen some real ideas, some bold proposals, but we always lacked the way to implement them and have real outcomes.

This is why we decided to bring in the developers. We want our former and future participants to become a part of the thriving tech boom by channeling their ideas into real-life software and hardware solutions. This is why we introduced the concept of hackathon for the first time.

And not just any hackathon. We’ve connected with our friends from Techfugees in order to provide the hackathon solutions with larger visibility and networking. This will be officially the second Techfugees hackathon in Serbia, with very diverse participants.

You will have 48h to provide working solutions to some of the challenges that will be announced at the beginning of the Hackathon. You will work in multidisciplinary teams together with developers, refugees, activists and fellow MEUers/MUNers. What can you come up with?
During the whole course of 48h, you’ll have the support of outstanding mentors that will be there to help you solve any issues, doubts or problems you might face during the process.

All the solutions will be presented in front of the audience at the Smart City Festival that we are are organizing together with Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

The best teams will become a part of the larger Techfugees network and will be provided with further support for their work. We’re even working hard to provide the best solutions with valuable awards.

What about the Simulation?

MEU.hackathon2017 will be an introduction for this year’s BEUM 2017 that will take place traditionally in Autumn, where one of the main topic will be refugee integration.

The participants will be invited to present their solutions at BEUM 2017 and to actively take part in the discussions.

The Topic

We will bring multidisciplinary teams together in order to solve an issue that is very important to us – refugee integration.

The largest waves of migration of the current Refugee crisis are behind us, and we are facing a big challenge of integrating all those people who have found their new home on the European soil.

We want to give our share to solving this problem by utilizing technology.

Since last year, BEUM Association has been working hard to assist inspiring teams and individuals for their visions of smarter cities that are using the marbles of modern technology to create more sustainable, time-efficient and eco-friendly urban communities. This is why we want to explore deeper into the smart cities’ potential in solving social issues such as refugee integration.

MEU.hackathon2017 will also serve as a platform for discussing the possible obstacles of refugee integration, as well as a unique channel for tackling the challenge of implementing the refugee aid tech solutions in the EU and beyond.


MEU.hackathon2017 is open to everyone who wants to help create software and hardware solutions for refugee integration. But, don’t worry, you don’t have to know how to code! We’re looking for active MEUer/MUNers, students, activists, designers, refugees alongside with developers.

You can apply as an individual or together with your existing team.

Don’t have a complete team or you want to join a team? Don’t worry, we’ll have a team-matching session at the very beginning where we’ll try to find everyone a perfect team to work in.

Participation is free for all participants currently residing in Serbia, regardless of their nationality.

Participants coming from abroad will be required to pay the participation fee of 59€ which covers hostel accommodation, meals and refreshments.


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